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Small town America has a certain feeling and attitude that doesn't seem to leave those that have experienced it, especially in their youth. Jordan Ross had such an upbringing. Music filled the air at an early age and eventually steered him in the direction of the deep south, to sunny Hilton Head Island, SC where he found his niche. Performing for tourists, casual listeners, and new fans, Jordan quickly discovered that what drove him most was his love for people their mutual love of music. In 15 years, Jordan has stood on the same pentagonal stage and performed for tens of thousands of people and produced thousands of shows. The true testament to his longevity in the same location is his knack for connection and humble servitude to the song. Writing and producing four albums of his own, Jordan will mix in his own thoughts with the greats that've come before and contemporaries that are filling the airwaves now with their musical ideas. Jordan Ross is a consummate performer and artist, and should be considered a reliable source for an entertaining evening, regardless of venue.


Black Swamp Territory - 2009

Recorded and produced in Lousville, KY by Fred Bogert, Jordan teamed up with Romanian violinist Titus Monteanu and Julio Appling on upright and electric bass. This particular recording was quite a departure from his other work and began to showcase the boundaries of his songwriting.


Seek Light - 2012

For this release, Jordan spent 18 months in his own self-made studio with a fresh start, a notebook full of songs, and his baby boy Jack by his side. The album showcases Jordan’s DIY production range and demonstrates that it doesn’t take a million dollar studio rig to record and produce a good-sounding record.




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